Sima Xiangru was bestowed the title of 'general,' and ordered to carry the Emperor's edict to the southwestern border of China.  While passing through Linhong county, Zhuo Wangsun changed his attitude toward his son-in-law, welcoming him with an elaborate feast.


Sima Xiangru returned to the Capital in glory. However, other courtiers became jealous of his rise and plotted his downfall. Sima found himself imprisoned for no cause.


Zhuo Wangsun, learning that Sima Xiangru was imprisoned, ordered his daughter to remarry. She defied his ultimatum and fled to Chengdu.


The Emperor knew that Sima was innocent, and  reinstated his title upon release from prison a year later.


A cynical, disillusioned Sima lost interest in the court and asked to be transferred to Mouling where he met a young woman whom he intended to take as a concubine.


Learning of her husband's intention,  Zhuo Wenjun sent Sima her well-known poem " A White-haired Couple."


Sima was so deeply touched by the poem that he immediately abandoned his plan with the young woman. He and Zhuo Wenjun reunited and lived together until they became a white-haired couple.

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